Business Management

Record Keeping & Shop Management

Technology is going to make life much easier for you compared to shop management just a decade or two back. There are a multitude of software applications that will help you to effectively manage your custom t-shirt business. We recommend a wonderful program created by a company names Resource, you can get a free trial to the program below! It is a must have for anyone that plans to run their own custom printed tshirt and apparel shop!

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Major Features in T-Quoter

Task Scheduling

With the built-in scheduler you can gain a better grip on your production schedule. You can see at a glance exactly what jobs are due and how long they should take to print.

You can also define when and on what days all your screen printing, embroidery and other work orders are allowed to be scheduled.
You can even specify which work order types are allowed to be scheduled at the same time giving you even more flexibility in scheduling.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to see every job at a glance and where it is in the production cycle.

The color coding shows you the status of the job and the section the job is located in shows the production stage. This great feature allows you to see the importance of jobs that need done.

New to version 2.18.331 and higher is the ability to Drag-and-Drop, making workflow management easier than ever!

Business Reporting

The Financial Reports creator is a great feature that contains 12 reports to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably.

Included are a Collections Report, Sales Tax Report, Sales by Work Order Type, Sales Reps, Items and more!!

Reports are colorful, easy to understand and even include charts and graphs!

Customer Management

The customer maintenance screen allows you complete control over your customers and contacts.

Not only can you store complete contact information and have customers with multiple contacts, you can also see complete information about the customer such as their order history and statistics relating to how profitable the customer is.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable system in the T-Quoter is built to make it easy to track which customers owe money to your company.

You can receive payments, see outstanding invoices, track customers’ payment history, create credits, issue refunds, and void payments, all from one easy to use system in T-Quoter.

Email Tools

The E-mailer is designed to allow you to email your customers their quotes or invoices, work orders, artwork confirmation sheets in the PDF file format.

Your customer will see exactly what you would have printed out for them in your shop – in full color. A bulk emailer is also included to allow you to target market email campaigns.

We found that a combination of two programs works very effectively. The first is the accounting program QuickBooks Pro 2011. This is where all of your financial records are stored and tax forms can be prepared. The basic functions in Quickbooks are fairly simple to learn and there are a lot of free tutorials found throughout the internet and on youtube that will help you to get started.

When you first create your first company in quickbooks, it will walk you through company setup and is very user friendly. There are a ton of other applications out there but we use quickbooks because it connects to our t-shirt shop management software call T-Quoter. You can use the T-Quoter software as your main Invoicing and Accounts Receivable program, knowing that it is going to reliably pass information to Quickbooks. You won’t have to export the invoices or payments to Quickbooks because T-Quoter will do it for you automatically after you have configured the simple integration.

Money & Financials

As we mentioned previously you will need a FEIN to open a business checking account. You will need to establish that checking account before you can apply for merchant services (accepting credit cards). You have two options for accepting credit card. The quick option is to use Paypal, we don’t recommend using paypal because their fees are higher than merchant services companies, but if you must, it is the fastest and easiest option to begin accepting credit card payments from your customers. For years we have used and are now partners with,  for the lowest rates and best tools in the industry take a look at these guys for your credit card processing needs. $1 out of every $4 in sales in the United States were processed through their network last year!

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